Rob Billot, Dark Waters’ lawyer: ‘The battle will be fierce but the companies must pay’

Graphic Design

The protagonist of Reporters United’s story is the American lawyer who took on chemical industry giants in exposing the dangers of PFAS, the “eternal chemicals”, in the US. For nearly a quarter of a century, Bilott has been warning about the chemical’s massive worldwide use in our non-stick pans or waterproof jackets that has been the source of a pollution so persistent it has been dubbed “forever”. His life achievement was moved to the big screen in 2019 and was portrayed by award-winning actor Mark Ruffalo in the film Dark Waters. We were inspired by the film’s aesthetic elements and created a design resembling a movie poster, merging our real-life and on-screen leading characters.

Bilott’s interview with Reporters United, Le Monde and NDR / Süddeutsche Zeitung, was part of the Forever Pollution investigation involving 18 media outlets across Europe.

Creator: Konstantina Maltepioti
For: Reporters United

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