How the war in Ukraine locked Europe in the American LNG

Goodbye Green Deal

Graphic Design

The story focuses on the recent European financial investment in American LNG after the embargo imposed on Russian fossil fuels due to the war in Ukraine. We used the designated LNG tanker to show the transition from Russian to American seaborne LNG imports. The star of the show is the US landmark, the Statue of Liberty, which both indicates the country’s identity and emphasises US’s hypocrisy, who -after heavy lobbying- now profits from the embargo by “taking” Europe’s “liberty” on fossil fuel trade.

To better highlight the dominance of the American product in the European market, we replaced the Statue’s fire with the flame produced from gas, and then added black smoke to show the contrast between Europe’s infamous Green Deal and the product’s not-so-green nature. Lastly, to incorporate the US government’s involvement we used the White House’s Capitol dome. For colour we used the sea and the country’s flag, following an abstract approach, so we can manipulate the different elements to create an overall geometric aesthetic.

Creator: Konstantina Maltepioti
For: Reporters United
How the war in Ukraine locked Europe in the American LNG

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